Dental Veneers

You can learn a lot about a person from their smile. If your teeth are crooked, chipped or discolored and you’re embarrassed to smile dental veneers may be a perfect for you. Veneers are one of the most popular treatments for changing the overall appearance of your smile. Get your healthy confident smile back to life with painless dental veneer procedure.

What is a Veneer?

Dental Veneers are custom thin shells of porcelain or composite resin made to fit on the surface of your teeth that provide a fresh facade for a tooth. They look like natural teeth. They are permanently bonded to your natural teeth to enhance shape, color, length or size.

What are the Main Types of Veneers?

Composite Veneers are made of engineered resin which is applied in layers to the tooth and sculpted directly in your mouth to achieve the desired esthetic. Composite veneers are used in situations in which there is chipping or discoloration of natural teeth. The advantage of composite veneers is that they can be removed and replaced, as necessary and the treatment can usually be completed in one visit while you wait at the dentist office. Composite veneers typically last 4 to 10 years and are about half of cost of porcelain veneers.
Porcelain Veneers are thin shells made up of ceramic layers that are bonded onto the front side of teeth. Porcelain veneers typically last 15 -20 years. Porcelain veneer require more initial preparation work usually drilling and removing a thin layer of tooth’s enamel then bonding of veneer. This procedure is used with more sever discoloration or misalignment of teeth, treatment will involve multiple dentist visits.

Maintenance of Your Veneers

The maintenance of veneers is relatively simple; treat them as you would your original teeth. Keeping your teeth and gums clean is very important if you want your veneers to be long lasting. Good oral hygiene is imperative to keep your veneers in good condition, brush and floss twice a day. Flossing is essential and should not be skipped; it gets rid of the bacteria between your teeth and keeps it from hardening into plaque.
Most dentist recommend wearing a night guard, this oral appliance is worn in your mouth to protect your teeth and soft tissues. The new veneer will create a new unusual bite this can actually cause you to start grinding your teeth together.
Visit your dentist regularly very important for the maintenance of the porcelain veneers. The dentist will be able to monitor your veneers, teeth and gums, check for potential problems and perform deep cleanings.

How Long Will Veneers Last?

You can certainly expect your veneers to last many years since they are currently made of stronger materials and bonding agents than in the past. Dental veneers can last you up to 20 years or more if you take good care of them with proper oral hygiene and routine cleanings.

Dental Veneers Cost

Typically the average veneers cost between $1,000 and $2,000 a tooth. The costs for veneers will vary depending on the difficulty of each case.

Will My Insurance Pay for Veneers?

Unfortunately most dental plans typically do not cover esthetic or cosmetic procedures unless they are being used to restore a decayed or broken tooth.

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